Dispensing System CADS MG - DL

To ensure the fastest possible speed of dispensing and good repetition.

•  Precise dispensing valve, with maximum accuracy and traceability
•  Turn-table design, high speed dispensing
•  Gravimetric dispensing, maximum accuracy and traceability
•  Automatic detection and warning function
•  Easy to change dye solution, no pollution and good expansion
•  No need for regular cleaning, no block problem, good reproducibility
•  No need for start-up, more convenient for operator
•  Windows Software, easy to operate

 120/06 DL
Number of 1L tubeless bottles 0
Number of 0.8L tubeless bottles 120+0+0
Total number of tubeless bottles 120
Number of dedicated aux. bottles 5
Size of aux. bottles incl. refill (5L)
Number of Scale 2
Flow rate of tubeless valves (g/min) 100~240
Power Wattage 1KVA
Control Kernel PCB
Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 2320x1425x1495

Layout Drawing:

• CADS MG 120/06 DL



• Special actuator module, high speed dispensing

• Tubeless dispensing, high accuracy


• Special actuator module, high speed dispensing

• Automatic Pressurize Design for Auxiliary & Water Bottles