Founded in 1990 at Taipei to manufacture laboratory automatic equipment for the color relative industries, Copower Technology is now a leading company in Taiwan.


At that time, there is a group of young engineers interested in automation, they had a feeling that the demand of industrial enterprises of automation was increasing day by day. Basing on the hope of setting up a business, they are gathering their own professional specialist, doing a research and planning extensively and deeply, to establish the company “Copower Technology Co., Ltd”.


In consideration of industry of automation is an indispensable way for enterprise upgrading, we recruited professionals who are experienced in designing and producing automotive products for several years. All of our colleagues are basing on honest to operate the company and express their own aspiration.


We create a garden for automotive services. We all have enthusiasm and devotion mind to serve our customers and repay to our society.


Creativity, honest and service is our basic principle, and the one and only way of success. Our effort and zeal are the guarantee and motive power of upgrading of automation field.


Our products are developed, manufactured, tested and serviced in accordance with customers’ utmost satisfactory. So far, we have manufactured laboratory automatic equipment including dispenser and solution maker for more than 10 years, and with about 15 years experience in this field.


Our equipment will help you increasing the working efficiency and performance as well. In future, we will keep our original intension, to further our business, to devote our intelligence, and to serve our society.