Mini Dryer

Mini Dryer is mainly apply on resin baking engineering in the lab and is a must for thermosoling process. Silky fabric sample multiplies its value.

Longitude and latitude tension can be adjusted easily accompanies with high efficiency and can enhance the color of elastic fabric workable in both knitting and mixed fiber fabrics and is quite effective for discontinuous thermosol dyeing process.

•  Thermo Control:

   (1). Heater range from 20°C to 250°C  

   (2). Circular fan included

•  Size of Fabric sample: 36 x 42 cm
•  Automatic In & Out Design: User setting for the fabric delivery time and dwell times in chamber, automatic releasing and ringing device
•  Capable of inconsistent resin processing while coordinating with Resin Pad Machine

Width of test samples: from 150mm up to 350mm 

Feeding Method:
While using the pin chain on the pin frame, test samples will be transport into dryer through endless continuous fabric brush pin chain into batch User setting for dwell times test sample automatically placed into the storage tank through the lead of delivery device 
Place four special design fabric frame into batch User setting for dwell times automatic stop after open pin tenter 

Timing: User setting for dwell times from 20sec. to 6min 

High drying & thermo soling performance thanks to 3 sets of powerful air circulating fan 

Temperature Control: 20˚C ~250˚C~ ±1% PID digital temperature controller