Pad - Thermosol Dyeing Machine

PT-J has Infra-red pre-heating device which is used for making dyeing formula in dyeing factory. The process of PT-J is identical with factory. Sample is hold by clips then drying by Infra-red pre-heater. intermediate dryer and themosling zone. Clips is fixed on the chain after drying process and heat fused dyeing Sample will be sent to accepting sink, and the whole process is finished.

•  One set of vertical type roller length : 300mm, diameter : 125mm
•  Special sample holder design is easy to operate and save time
•  One set of dyeing tank, include 4 sink
•  12 pcs of infra-red heater for pre-drying total electrical power is 4.8KW
•  The length of dryer:1800 mm, heater:10kw, temperature control:100-180, Using circulatory heating fan
•  The length of heat fused dyeing:1500mm, heater:10kw, temperature control:250_+1%, Using circulatory heating fan