Mini Tenter

Mini Tenter provides continuous drying & fixation engineering work best suitable for resin drying, continuous resin processing and hot melting dyeing process.

Two types of feeding design, pin chain & pin frame, give the clients more options.

•  Width of test samples: from 150mm up to 350mm
•  Feeding Method:

(1).  While using the pin chain on the pin frame, test sample will be transport into dryer through endless continuous fabric brush pin chain into batch   User setting for dwell times   test sample   automatically placed into the storage tank through the lead of delivery device

(2.)   Place four special design fabric frame into batch   User setting for dwell times   automatic stop after open pin tenter    
•  Timing: User setting for dwell time from 20 sec. to 6 min
•  High drying & thermo soling performance thanks to 3 sets of powerful circulating fan
•  Temperature Control: 20°C~250°C -/+ 1% PID digital temperature controller