IR Dyeing Machine

IR Dyer- Infrared Dyer is different from the traditional H Type Dyeing Machine, which provides the cleanest way of sample dyeing, the most energy-saving solution and excellent dyeing repeatability result and is the prime selection to enhance the lab equipment.

Hight effciency infrared radiators can evenly heat up the dye pot, which is the speciality to assure well quality of dyepots. Feeding chemicals through manual injector has no diggetence between lab and the sceneprcise measurement. The machine is also capable of testing the solididy of wash fastness.

•  Machine Specification: IR-12 (12 pots) or IR-24 (24pots) 
•  Dyepot specification: 150 c.c. (other sizes is available upon request) 
•  Heating Control System: program Control Model or Micro-computer program Model
•  Heating Range: 20-140˚C 
•  Safety Design: Rotary disc stop automatically when the door opens plus over-heating safety device 
•  Chemical solvent and colorant can be injected during the process (upon request)